About Gwyn

Gwyn Gilliss is the foremost Marketing Coach for Actors. Having worked both on and off-stage, in front of and behind the camera, she is a pioneer of marketing for actors, bringing her unique perspective as an industry insider to thousands of actors every week via her Monday Morning Marketing Tips and her E-Zine, Close Up. Gwyn offers personalized coaching in her Priority - Green, Silver and Gold - and Olympic programs and live Workshops both online and in major cities: from New York to Miami and Chicago to Los Angeles.

As a platinum-expert and best-selling author, (The ABC’s of Soaps) Gwyn’s business advice for actors is featured on ActorRated, DailyActor, EZine Articles, ArticleBase, and ActorsLife. As an Emmy-Award nominated actress with over a dozen contract and recurring roles in Daytime and Primetime TV, she appeared On and Off-Broadway and in Classical Repertory theater. With international clients working in all medias, Gwyn is the premier role model with winning strategies and first-hand knowledge of the TV, Film and Theater Industries.  

“Gwyn gives the best of two worlds. A long and well-respected acting career gives her exceptional experience to share, and her drive to stay cutting edge and current gives her an understanding of how things work in the up-to-the-moment industry. Absolutely invaluable!”  
Elizabeth Gans, Casting Director – Stark Naked Productions

Knowing How to Play the Game- Learning how to WIN!   

As kids you might have played MONOPOLY as we did. Since I was the youngest I thought the point of the game was to shake the dice and move my little shoe around the board. What did I know?  I was a 5 year old. But the real strategy for the game of Monopoly? Buy all the property, put hotels on everything and when someone lands on your site-   You Make Money $$$  -talk about passive income!   You have a system for winning! 

If only it were that easy...to be a successful ACTOR in NYC or LA. It can be ...if you have a system and a Coach!    

As a successful Coach and Marketing Mentor, I look at actor's marketing strategies.  Some actors remind me of the way I used to  play Monopoly - rolling the dice and moving their shoe around the board:     

*Submitting themselves on-line and getting showcases, student films, extra work  

*Sending out cover letters and resumes monthly   

*Paying to meet casting directors and agents one-on-one with little or no response


These strategies may have worked at some point but today they don't seal the deal. Very few actors get quality work or agent representation by using any of the above techniques. They're just going around the board wearing out their "shoe". Very frustrating!

Cut to the chase and get you what you really want in your career and life! How?


               Time for a NEW strategy - A System for WINNING.


Why not hire a Coach? A Mentor? Someone who's been there, done that, knows a lot of major industry people and has developed a successful system to help you succeed!   When you’re ready to start winning, let’s talk.


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Gwyn has lectured at and been featured or affiliated with:

Yale, Carnegie-Mellon University, NYU, Juilliard, Harvard, Oxford, UC@Irvine, Actorfest, Showbiz Expo, The View, AFTRA-SAG, EQUITY, NYWIFT, WGA, CBS, NBC, ABC, 60 Minutes…     

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